We are an innovative, diverse and unified co-educational secondary school with an International School and Confucius Classroom status in the heart of Beckton, East London. We are described by Ofsted to be a ‘harmonious community in which everyone lives and breathes … aspiration, achievement and excellence.’ At Kingsford, every student has the opportunity to maximise their potential through the collective effort of the staff, the students and their parents.

“Aspire, Succeed, Be Excellent”

  1. Sithesaa SIVALINGAMM

    Kingsford is amazing and the best school any pupil could ever go to

  2. Vidlita KLOVA

    i love kingsford so much because i gives me alot of opportunitys and everyone is so nice and respectful

  3. Paadiny Ramesh

    love kingsford although some people are bullies


    Please see any of the teachers to discuss this.

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