You can take advantage of a number of exciting opportunities to enhance your learning experience at Kingsford through our varied co-curricular programme.


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Everything from cricket club, spanish cinema club to global citizen learning project club. The co-curriculum is designed to enhance your learning experience and personal development. As well as providing the opportunity for you to have fun and develop your friendships with pupils in all year groups, our co-curricular programme is carefully designed to support your academic, personal development and career ambitions, and to strengthen our community. The programme has been designed to extend pupil progress and enrich your experience of following categories: Creativity, Culture, Community, Careers and Challenge.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you – this is an important time for you to try new things and develop skills you may not have explored before. We expect you to be self-motivated, independent and committed to the school community both inside and outside of the classroom. Joining a club or team is a great way to get involved and take full advantage of the Kingsford experience. 

We are continually reviewing and adapting the programme to reflect your preferences and interests. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Co-Curriculum programme, please contact Mr Green, the Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for the Co-Curriculum.

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